Eolian Energy Domestic Windmill Power Society

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Eolian energy domestic windmill power dynamo 5kw 1.high efficiency+small size 2.CE proved+7patents 3.NO MOQ+wholesale price

H6.4-5KW Specifications
Configuration 3 Blades, Horizontal axis, upwind
Rotor Diameter 6.4m
Swept Area 32.17m2
Direction of Rotation Clockwise looking upwind
Rated Power 5 kW at 12m/s
Maximum Output Power 5.6 kW at 20m/s
Battery Bank Voltage 240 Vdc
System Output Voltage 110/220/380 Vac
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s
Rated Rotating Rate 240r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25 m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50 m/s
Generator Efficiency >0.80
Wind Energy Utilizing Ratio 0.40 Cp
Energy monitoring & User control Siemens PLC controller with touch screen
Alternator Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology
Alternator Weight (kg) 147 kg
Gearbox None, Direct drive, generator prepositive design
Blade Material Fiberglass reinforced composite
Over Speed Regulation Auto Yawing
Shutting Down Method Manual & Automatic electromagnetism Braking
 Warranty 2 Years for Generator and 1 Year for other parts

Features of windmill power dynamo 5kw:

1. SCF supercritical generator technology, generator weigh only 147kg, generation efficiency over 0.80.

2. Quality parts use SKF bearings and Siemens PLC control system and so on

3. Generate 5kw power at 10m/s.

3. Sine wave output, drive 2kw pump, 5kw appliances etc.

4. Use electric protection

5. Connect with 1500w solar panels to make up the wind solar hybrid system.

Application of Model H6.4-5000W domestic windmill

It can drive air-condition (3-5 horsepower), 1.7KW water pump or other resistive appliances (≤5KW).

Well used in:

 Housing and factory and farm
 Telecommunication Station
 TV Transfer Station
 Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory)
 Water-pumping Station
Wind power energy society

Wind power energy society

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